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3DHR is a DHR Engineering company

The 3DHR Standard - consistent quality, every time

Hassle-free production with a quality guarantee from 3DHR. Еvery detail goes through a thorough check by our engineers, to ensure it meets our high standard.


For all FDM parts, support structures are removed (where applicable) and cleaned of all excess material.

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Quality Control

3D parts are checked for uneven coloring, lack of surface finishing, and many more potential visual and structural defects.

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Dimensional Accuracy

We guarantee dimensional accuracy within ± 0.1% with a lower limit of ± 0.1 mm

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Order Process

Upload an STL file
Securely upload the STL design of your part and choose the specs according to your needs
Instant quote
Click on "Get Price" to see the final price for your part
Quantity and order
After you select the quantity and press "Order" you are navigated to the shopping cart page, where you can adjust your order or add more parts before proceeding to payment
Once the payment is successfully processed, the printing of your order begins immediately and usually takes up to 24 hours
Quality control
We take full responsibility and guarantee that parts produced by 3DHR are inspected by our engineers in accordance with the highest standards

How to get a price quote and place an order?

Get a final price in seconds.

  • Upload an STL file and select the basic parameters of your part

  • Get an instant price quote

  • Choose the quantity of your 3D parts and easily order through the cart

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Manufactured by 3DHR

Some of the parts we print most frequently include form-fit and function prototypes, visual aids, injection-molding prototypes, durable end parts, jigs, grips and fixtures, tooling and casting patterns, and concept models.

Manufacturing Capabilities

3DHR is the preferred choice for manufacturing 3D parts with complex designs and high aesthetic appeal, offering a variety of services and materials.

3D Printing

FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) Technology

  • Dimensional accuracy of ± 0.1% with a lower limit of ± 0.1 mm

  • Manufacturing and shipping within 24 hours

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Highest quality FDM materials

  • PLA
  • ABS
  • PETG
  • TPU
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Custom 3D Design

Prototypes and production parts

  • Design development
  • Creation or repair of a 3D mode
  • Free Consultation
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Advantages of 3DHR

You can now order and receive your 3D parts with 3DHR, without unnecessary delays. Our fully autonomous farm of FDM 3D printers is fully integrated with our STL calculator and our online ordering system. This allows for the printing of 3D parts with a speed, price, and quality unmatched in Bulgaria. Discover our advantages and immerse yourself in an entirely new world of 3D printing.

Order directly from the manufacturer

Order directly from the manufacturer

3DHR is not a middleman, but the direct manufacturer of the 3D parts. This means maximum speed and quality, without additional delays and costs. As a small team of experienced engineers, we take every order seriously, regardless of size.

Unmatched speed

Unmatched speed

At 3DHR, express order fulfillment is standard. You get an instant price quote, without wasting time in tedious conversations, emails, and waiting for a human to reply. Orders start printing immediately and automatically, which allows us to send them to customers within 24 hours.

Guaranteed quality

Guaranteed quality

Customers of 3DHR can rely on consistent quality. Our 3D farm is recharged and operates solely with the highest quality materials from brands like BCN3D and Prusa. Every printed part is checked by our engineer before being sent out.

Lower prices

Lower prices

The secret of 3DHR lies in our fully automated 3D printing system, which eliminates 95% of human labor in the process. The result is a lower price, without compromising quality and speed.



With 3DHR quantity is no concern. Whether you require a single part or multiple units of diverse parts we got you covered. Harnessing the power of our fully autonomous 3D printer farm, we can effortlessly produce up to 120 parts within a 24-hour timeframe.

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3DHR offers a wide range of FDM materials for all your needs. Choose between PLA, PLA ESD, ABS, PETG, TPU, and ASA. More information about each of these materials is available on our materials page.

Our Experience in the Industry

We have produced hundreds of thousands of parts for a variety of applications, but we have particularly high expertise in the following industries.

Robotics & Automation
Robotics & Automation

Complex robotic systems

  • Produce complex robotic systems, end effectors and automated machines. Benefit from our long-standing experience in the field of robotics and automation for your project.

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Industrial Engineering
Industrial Engineering

Parts & prototypes

  • Manufacture mechanical parts and prototypes for various heavy industries, including automotive, agriculture, oil production, and more.

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Consumer Electronics
Consumer Electronics

Accurate and consistent results

  • Produce parts requiring highly detailed cosmetic features designed for video games, audio and video systems, smart home products and more

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From small family businesses to large international companies working with NASA, all 3DHR clients receive the same quality and attention.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

How much does your 3D printing service cost?˅

The final price of each order depends primarily on the size, material used, and quantity. Since our 3D print farm is fully automated, you do not pay extra for human labor. The only thing you pay is the final price, which you can get instantly from our online 3D calculator.

What 3D printing file formats do you accept? ˅

Currently, the only file type our 3D online calculator works with is STL.

How do you guarantee the quality of my 3D parts? ˅

We use only the highest quality materials from brands BCN3D and Prusament and adhere to the highest industry standards for quality control. Each printed part undergoes a thorough mechanical check by our engineer for cosmetic defects and size accuracy.

What 3D printing materials do you offer? ˅

We offer a wide range of FDM materials for 3D printing of the highest quality, from brands BCN3D and Prusament. Print 3D details from PLA, PLA ESD, ABS, PETG, TPU, and ASA. More information about each material can be found on this page.

How quickly does my order start to be processed? ˅

Your order starts printing immediately as our online ordering system is integrated with each of our 3D printers.

How fast can I receive my order? ˅

We print and send all orders within 24 hours of the request. Exceptions are made for very complex 3D parts that take longer than 24 hours to print.

Where can I learn more about 3D printing? ˅

Visit the 3DHR blog, where you can find useful and interesting articles about everything related to 3D printing.

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